Volunteers are a key ingredient of the Game On Wales project and grassroots sports generally.  At Game On we actively engage volunteers and encourage their development wherever possible.  Through our volunteering initiative, volunteers have gone on to earn qualifications, win awards, visit football stadia, undertake work experience, returned to education and even employment.

GwirVol's Millennium Volunteers & Spice Time Credits

Game On Wales is part of the Spice Time Credit community.  Volunteers can earn Time Credits and spend them across the country.  We've also developed fantastic spend offers for community groups.   

GwirVol is a partnership of organisations in Wales who represent and promote youth volunteering in Wales through all of its projects. GwirVol seeks to involve young people in its decision making and shaping the direction of the work that GwirVol carries out, to ensure we are meeting the needs of young volunteers in Wales.  

Through Game On Wales and GwirVol, we will track your voluntary hours, certificate landmark achievements and in addition organise special prize draws and events!
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